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Miscellaneous errors and omissions

Markel recognizes there are numerous professional service firms that need professional liability insurance that will respond to their exposures.

  • Admitted miscellaneous E&O program addresses professional liability needs of a variety of service firms—everything from answering services to zoologists
  • Risk management services including hotline staffed by an experienced risk management team
  • Claims service provided by experienced and knowledgeable professionals

Target services

We target small firms providing the following services.

Coverage features

  • Coverage applies to claims arising from negligent acts, errors, omissions, or personal injury in the performance of professional services
  • Supplementary payments section includes response to disciplinary proceedings, loss of earnings reimbursement, public relations expenses, and subpoena and records request assistance
  • Additional payments section includes extension for contingent BI/PD, pollution, pre-claim assistance, sexual abuse, and third-party discrimination
  • DataBreach coverages available by endorsement