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Markel provides insurance solutions built on an understanding of exposures for IT professionals.

  • Coverage available on a primary or excess basis
  • Risk management and loss control services available including an IT risk management hotline
  • Risk management portal provided by NetDiligenceĀ® including tools for cyber breach


Coverage for general software development, fintech, telehealth, and database management.


Coverage for recycling and value added resale, component design, IoT, including medical devices.


Coverage for network setup, website development and hosting, and training and help desk services.

Professional liability

Broadly defined technology services with the flexibility to include additional professional services.


Cyber coverage for breach mitigation expense and business income loss and network and information security liability coverage for network security loss including PCI assessments and social engineering loss.

General liability

Coverage including advertising and personal injury available on an occurrence or claims-made basis.

Media injury

Full media coverage for content of printed or digital material including response to libel, slander, and other forms of disparagement as well as copyright and trademark infringement.

From Main Street to Wall Street

Connect with us to find the right mix of coverages for your business.

Unique like you

Every business has different coverage needs.

We meet challenges head on to find creative coverage solutions, reduce risk, or help recover from a loss.

  • Our cultures and values

    At Markel, we believe that what we do really matters, and that every one of us has the power to make a difference.

  • US and Bermuda offerings

    Explore all of Markel's US and Bermuda insurance offerings and learn how our experience allows us to build specialized solutions.

  • Claims

    Find a sense of comfort knowing you have a team aiming to work in your best interest to help you get the most from your insurance protection.