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Property and marine

Our team of property insurance experts can customize a wide range of specialized solutions for unique risks that do not fit in the traditional marketplace.

  • Our underwriting experts are focused on finding ways to write unique property risks.
  • We understand the evolving business environments and adapt quickly to the changing market.
  • From large coastal properties with high catastrophe exposures and manufacturing risks to construction equipment and marinas, we have tailored solutions for these markets and many others.

What we offer

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Contract binding

We deliver flexible and creative solutions for the unique exposures we encounter in the E&S market.

Ocean marine

Our ocean marine team understands the lure of the water and offers marine insurance solutions to meet your client's specific needs.


Let Markel's wide array of railroad products and unique underwriting expertise put your client's railroad needs on the right track.

Political risk

Our political risk team works with clients to manage their cross-border portfolios and overseas investments with tailored, specialist policies.

Inland marine

We offer 200 classes of inland marine business, which separates us from the competition.

Commercial and risk management

We offer insurance protection for a broad array of risks, ranging from large commercial industrial risks to major retail and everything in between.

Trade credit

Our trade credit team provides coverage to protect business security and confidence with a strong focus on risk management and good corporate governance.


Our terrorism team provides protection on a worldwide basis against physical damage, business interruption and contingency losses directly caused by acts of war, terrorism, and political violence.
From Main Street to Wall Street

Connect with us to find the right mix of coverages for your business.

Additional services and insights

Dark Skies

Confronting the challenge of undervaluation

Undervaluation has been a key contributor to the "model miss" associated with catastrophes, a lack of adequate insurance coverage for insureds, and often economic devastation for areas affected by a catastrophe.


Find a sense of comfort knowing you have a team working in your best interest to help you get the most from your insurance protection.