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Accident medical insurance

Help create goodwill with participants or students with an accident medical policy.

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Markel's accident medical insurance coverage is simple and straightforward.

With any sponsored activity, there is always the possibility that a participant may suffer an injury or perhaps something serious. From the blackboard to the concert hall, Markel offers accident and/or medical coverages for group activities and organizations of almost any type. These wide ranging needs are also backed by our responsive customer claims service.

Why is accident medical insurance important?

At any sponsored activity, a participant or student may suffer a minor or even serious injury. By carrying accident medical protection, you show the person, their family and the community that you care by helping them with their medical-related costs. An injured person is less likely to bring suit against your organization because your policy has helped them with their medical expenses. Also, the insurance can provide coverage for many of their medical bills quickly and easily, so they can concentrate on their recovery.

Markel offers customized accident and/or medical insurance for many types of group activities and organizations, including:

Adult groups

Church groups, civic organizations and social clubs

Child care and enrichment

Day care centers, preschools and recreation centers

Performing arts groups

Dance, theater and music

Private schools

Charter, Montessori and Waldor

Short-term events or programs

5K, fundraising events and travel and tour groups

Volunteer organizations

Nonprofits, foodbanks and community arts organizations

Youth groups

4H clubs, church youth-only groups, Scouts and S.T.E.M. groups

An accident medical insurance policy include two main areas of coverage:

  • Accident medical for sudden and accidental injuries
  • Accidental death and dismemberment which includes loss of limb

Coverage can be provided for:

  • Activities that are scheduled, sponsored or supervised by the policyholder
  • Travel scheduled, sponsored, or supervised by the policyholder

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