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Experience the Markel difference when partnering with a Markel horse specialist.

At the show and in the barns, Markel Specialty is represented exclusively by horse people that are also insurance agents. Managed by Chris Norden, Markel’s Director of Sport Horse Disciplines, this team is ready to assist horse owners and professionals with insurance solutions for their horses, horse-related businesses, and/or farms.

At Markel, it's our people who make the difference. Contact a Sport Horse team member today for an insurance quote, or to talk through your insurance questions.

Tami George

Horse Insurance Specialist

Pagan Gilman

Horse Insurance Specialist

Kaitlyn Naughton

Horse Insurance Specialist

Mary Phelps

Horse Insurance Specialist

Brandon Seger

Associate Director

Lisa Seger

Horse Insurance Specialist

Explore our insurance offerings

  • Horse mortality

    Helps cover the financial cost of death, theft, or humane euthanasia for your horses.

  • Horse farm and ranch

    Insurance coverage for your home, property, and horses, including coverage if your horse causes an accident or injury.

  • Commercial equine operation

    Insurance protection designed for almost any type of horse-related business, both on your own premises or rental/leased property.

  • Private horse owner

    Protect yourself if your horse injures someone or damages property, both on and off your premises.