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Large builders risk

Markel’s builders risk underwriters offer insurance coverages for construction-related projects including basic four wall to more complex projects such as bridges, dams, tunnels, and power plants.

  • Technical experience and sizable catastrophe capacity experience to analyze specific exposures
  • Write 100% of risk or participate as a subscriber
  • Coverage period can be up to 60 months

Target classes

Civil engineering exposures (CAR)

Civil works and infrastructure roadways, railways, bridges, dams, tunnels, canals, pipelines, water and wastewater distribution, power transmission and distribution, and all four-wall construction

Mechanical engineering exposures (EAR)

Power generation, waste to energy, biogas, oil, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, gas, petrochemical, manufacturing and process, semi-conductors, electronics, automobile, food and beverage, and textiles

Completed civil engineering risks (CCER)

Bridges, dams, tunnels, roadways, and large completed civil accounts associated with CAR

Coverage features

  • Physical damage and business interruption (DSU, soft costs, loss of revenue, and loss of rents)
  • Participate on project-specific risks and master programs
  • Entertain renovation projects including the existing structure
  • Our preference is all risk, however, we write stand-alone DIC (wind and earthquake)
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