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Commercial package policy

Specialty commercial package policies tailored to the unique needs of your business.

From child care centers to pest control operators and many other niche industries our specialized commercial package programs are designed with your business in mind.

A commercial package policy is exactly what it sounds like – a package of commercial policies.

Starting as a small business in 1930, we understand how insurance needs change as a business evolves. That’s why we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to our insurance offerings but provide customizable coverage solutions. We specialize in insuring industries we have a deep understanding of so we can more accurately meet your businesses needs. In addition to tailored coverages, we also provide loss control guidance and excellent customer service to help you build out your risk management tools.

Why is a commercial package policy important?

Having an insurance policy doesn’t mean you will be protected from harm, but it can help you keep your business open should your business experience a claim.

Like most insurance policies, the coverages contained in a commercial package policy cannot cover for all types of loss. Insurance policies will tell you what coverages are included and what isn’t through the exclusions. It is important to carefully review your policy. Contact a licensed insurance agent or attorney to review your insurance needs and policies to ensure you have the necessary coverages for your business.

What we offer

We can offer a collection of specialized commercial insurance programs for the businesses below.

Artisan contractors

Coverages for carpet cleaners, electricians, fence contractors, lawn sprinkler installers and more.

Cheer gym

Insurance protection packages for cheer gyms, including liability, accident medical, and more. 

Commercial child care

Flexible, affordable coverage for many different types and sizes of daycare facilities.


Insurance protection for your ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, modern dance, traditional dance, creative movement or baton studio.

Educational enrichment

Insurance for educational businesses with a broad selection of coverages for many different educational enrichment programs.


No matter the size of your gymnastics club, we offer various insurance protection options. 

Health clubs

Insurance protection designed to help meet the needs of your fitness club, studio, or gym.

In-home daycare

A variety of coverages available at an affordable price, all built specifically with the in-home child care provider in mind.

Janitorial services

Coverage options for janitorial service businesses including property, liability, workers compensation coverage, and more.

Lawn care

Lawn care and maintenance, sod and turf installation, pesticide and herbicide application, tree and plant installation and more.

Martial arts

Insurance solutions for many types of martial arts schools, including cardio kickboxing, Karate, Tae Kwon Do and more.

Personal trainer

Affordable liability insurance protection for a variety of personal trainers and fitness instructors.

Pest control

Pest control and termite operations, wildlife control, lawn spraying and fumigators.